From Merita… | February 2010

"January 27, 2010 I lost my husband. Mr. Williams and the staff of The Sugar Land Mortuary did an awesome job taking care of everything for the Family Night (wake) before the funeral and the funeral service. The embalming was superb! Mr. Williams, the owner knew just the right questions to ask about my husband which made the service simply beautiful. Everyone at the mortuary was professional, organized, understanding, caring, thoughtful, sincere, and very respectful. There were times when I wanted to cry because I had lost my best friend, my husband, but when I would talk to Mr. Williams or Ms. Boone, I felt a peace that comforted me. Their presence or their voices over the phone was comforting all the time. They took care of me as though I was the Queen of England. That was the kind of attention that I received, royal treatment. I felt so important because every time that I called the mortuary, I was given their undivided attention. I highly recommend The Sugar Land Mortuary to every family who experience the lost of a love one. You will be pleased to the utmost! The facility is stunning and I encourage you to see it for yourself. I cannot describe it in words. You must see it! Get ready for an experience you will never forget. My late husband's family, my family from across the United States, and people from all over Houston are still talking about The Sugar Land Mortuary, the beautiful facility and the royal treatment by the owner Mr. Williams. The Sugar Land Mortuary rating: (There is none better!)"